What’s New in WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold 2021.1 includes major improvements in usability and security with support for regulatory compliant Log Management Archiving along with extended support for Microsoft Edge and Cisco Meraki wireless devices. It’s also easier to secure with support for standards-based OpenID Connect authentication to more effectively enhance your security posture.

How the Log Management Add-on Works

How the Log Management Add-on Works
New for 2021.1!

Log Management Archiving

Simple and intuitive log archiving is now included with Log Management. You can now easily comply with regulatory requirements and preserve historical data without impacting performance. Customize retention periods, storage locations and filter which logs get archived. Easily search, purge or restore from archived logs all within the familiar WhatsUp Gold interface. For details visit our Log Management feature page.

New for 2021.1!

Microsoft Edge Browser Support

Use WhatsUp Gold with the Microsoft Edge browser as well as Chrome and Firefox.

New for 2021.1!

OpenID Connect Support

Leverage the standards-based OpenID Connect protocol to authenticate user access to WhatsUp Gold. Support external authentication methods via OpenID Connect like Azure AD, Cisco ISE, MFA or any other OpenID token-based system. This makes it easier to administer user rights for all your users and improve your overall security posture.

New for 2021.1!

Enhanced Cisco Meraki Support

Cloud-based Cisco Meraki devices supported now include the MX-100 Security Appliance and the MS-125-24 Switch so that you can monitor any Cisco Meraki wireless implementation.

Want more details? Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions

Integrated Log Management

Extensive log management capabilities are integrated into WhatsUp Gold via an add-on. Users can monitor, filter, search and alert on logs for every device in their network while also watching for meta trends like log volume changes. All of this is done within the same industry-leading interface that makes troubleshooting with WhatsUp Gold so easy. The result is the ability to manage Syslog and Windows log events and alerts the same way you monitor the rest of the network and with the same customizable dashboards and reporting. For details visit our Log Management feature page.

Integrate With Anything

Outbound and Inbound Public REST API Support – WhatsUp Gold’s inbound REST API support has been expanded to include outbound REST APIs. An extensive suite of outbound REST API calls let users leverage REST to provide information to WhatsUp Gold from other 3rd-party systems. This extends integration to the application level, making it simple to seamlessly integrate functionality with 3rd-party applications like SalesForce, Office 365 and others. As well, inbound REST API calls let you automate your workload by extracting specific data from WhatsUp Gold or inputting information from a separate system or script. You can extract current status information for use by another system, automatically put devices into maintenance mode before making changes, add or remove devices, add monitors, and more.

Learn more on the REST API feature page

See NTA Traffic on a World Map

Network Traffic Analysis Improvements – A new feature lets users display their NTA devices and flows geographically on a world map while also allowing for more detailed name resolution. NTA will now use data received from wireless access points to improve name resolution whenever possible. This makes traffic analysis easier and more effective.

NTA Traffic image

Faster, HTML-Based Reports

WhatsUp Gold reporting has been optimized for HTML and email resulting in much faster and more useful report generation. This includes WYSIWYG outputs that include hyperlinks and are easier to share.

Timeout When You Want To

Optional Browser Timeout: timeout for security or never timeout for NOC screens and wallboards.

Find Configuration Discrepancies

Configuration Comparison Report – More easily view configuration archives from multiple devices and compare them side by side to see what’s changed and when. This makes tracking down configuration discrepancies much simpler and easier.

See What’s Happening as It Happens 

Live Activity Status Bar & Report – See exactly what WhatsUp Gold is doing in real time at the bottom of the interface – every status change, every alert and every changed value. Click on that bar to bring up the Live Activity Status Report where you can see all activity, filter it by type and severity and click directly on each item for more details. Not only is this an excellent way for administrators to see what’s happening as it happens, it also makes a great NOC display.

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