Wireless Network Management Software

Visualize and assure the performance of your wireless networks


Monitor Wireless Network Performance

WhatsUp Gold software allows you to monitor and manage your wireless network performance historically and in real-time, track wireless access points (AP) and client history and alerts you to problems with wireless equipment.

Discover, map and manage wireless devices across your network

Investigate unusual client bandwidth consumption

Get real-time alerts when CPU and bandwidth thresholds are exceeded

Keep your network secure and get notified of rogue wireless access points

Real-time Wireless Monitoring

WhatsUp Gold keeps you in control of your wireless network with real-time maps of who is connected to your network and where. You have the ability to manage and exclude wireless devices identified as possible rogues.

wireless network map
WhatsUp Gold Wireless Network Map Overlay
Wireless Infrastructure Monitoring
Wireless Infrastructure Dashboard

Historical Reports and Dashboards

Performance data is stored historically so you can go back to a specific point in time to troubleshoot a problem. View performance over time to optimize your wireless network configuration by using client signal strength to determine where you need more wireless APs, if a wall may be limiting an AP’s range or if equipment is functioning properly.

Wireless Alert Center

All wireless network monitoring alerts are integrated into WhatsUp Gold’s Alert Center. You have one location to set up thresholds, configure notification policies and monitor events across your entire IT infrastructure. Within Alert Center, you have a number of user-configurable alert thresholds for wireless devices such as Access Point Over Subscription, Banned Client MAC Addresses, and more.

wireless network alerts
Wireless Rogues Alert Center Dashboard

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