If there’s a problem on your network, it’s likely that the source is within walking distance.

But when your network spans 300 miles and contains more than 1000 routers, switches and cameras, you have to trade in your sneakers for a set of wheels.

This is why the organization that runs a toll road in the southern U.S. called us for help.

We need to identify and monitor all these devices across hundreds of miles of roadway in real-time,” the network’s IT director told us. “And fix problems fast, preferably before a device fails,” he added.

Within hours of installing WhatsUp Gold his IT team was able to map and monitor every application and device on the network and quickly pinpoint was causing their network to run on an unpaved road, and where. Within a few days, service levels improved measurably.

At the end of the day, one affordable network monitoring product saved the toll way from spending a lot of money. There was simply no need to hire staff to burn rubber in order to perform network monitoring.


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