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Artoni Cuts Network Monitoring Costs with WhatsUp Gold

Artoni Trasporti utilizes WhatsUp Gold performance monitoring and availability management tools to reduce overall network monitoring costs.

Artoni Trasporti is one of the major Italian players in the sector of transport and integrated logistics. It manages a vast range of services for the national and international transportation of goods, and it designs logistics and management solutions for supply chain management. The company’s headquarters are in Reggio Emilia and it employs 650 people.

In recent years, Artoni’s progressive business and geographic expansion has also increased the size of its network infrastructure. The company must guarantee continuous data service for all of its branches and timely monitoring of the network, including two fixed network connections — one which acts as a backup — and a potential third UMTS connection for each of its operations centers.

Controlling a Complex Network Infrastructure was Difficult

Controlling such a complex infrastructure is of primary importance for a transport company of Artoni’s size. It must constantly manage real time data relating to the movement of goods, including warehouse activities or information about collections and deliveries transmitted to drivers through mobile devices.

Artoni needed to rationalize total cost of ownership of its network device monitoring function, contain costs relating to consultancy activities and technical assistance, and remotely control the more than three-hundred mobile devices used by the drivers. This led Artoni to seek a new monitoring solution that would offer flexibility, ease of management and long-term scalability.

Artoni Chooses WhatsUp Gold

Artoni’s objective from the outset was to identify a simple and affordable market solution to monitor the entire network, one that would enable the company’s internal staff to quickly learn and master, and reduce the costs associated with external consultancy activities.

Further, it needed to monitor access points that were previously excluded. Artoni contacted Apex, a WhatsUp Gold Partner, to jointly develop an implementation of WhatsUp Gold, an integrated solution for monitoring networks, servers, VoIP and wireless applications and devices.

“We tested the product for a six month period before purchasing it and we were immediately able to see its effectiveness,” explains Daniele Catellani, IT Network, Fleet, EDI & Security Manager for Artoni Trasporti. “From the very beginning the solution demonstrated its efficiency as well as ease of implementation and use. It allowed us to satisfy all three of our objectives: reduction of costs, acquisition of know-how and monitoring of all devices connected to our network.”

WhatsUp Gold Reduces Network Management Costs Quickly

“It took only 5 days to use the application fully and start monitoring the network. We have now completely replaced the previous monitoring product with WhatsUp Gold and have significantly reduced management costs for the process. Moreover, the internal team is now able to independently resolve maintenance interventions. The product is easy to learn – a few days of training with Apex is all that’s required to acquire the necessary know-how. By monitoring all access points, Artoni now has complete control of the entire network – the true nerve center of our company. We can confidently state that we have reached all of our objectives with Ipswitch’s solution,” concludes Catellani.

Artoni has been using WhatsUp Gold since January 2014. For 2015 the company is assessing whether to add both WhatsUp Gold’s Netflow software plug-in to analyze protocols and the WhatsUp Application Performance Monitor to monitor applications.

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