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Whatsup Gold MSP Helps Concordant Partner with its Customers

Monitoring and maintaining health information technology infrastructures as a managed service provider (MSP).

About Concordant, Inc.

Concordant is an eHealth services firm that engages with healthcare organizations to plan, implement, and manage their It Health Information technology infrastructures. the company’s unique methodology combines an ideal balance of tools, talents, technique, and cost management.

There is a tremendous demand for support in the complete EHR lifecycle, from planning, to implementation, to post go-live optimization. As providers and practices begin to operate in their new business models, Concordant’s hands-on support, from beginning to end, sets it apart from typical consulting organizations that focus on one particular area. Concordant supports the entire lifecycle.

Concordant has a professional resume supporting both the clinical and infrastructure demands of healthcare IT with 2,500 practices – and counting – implemented or supported for the past ten years.

The company’s vendor-neutral approach and deep experience with leading EMR and practice management solution providers, gives it the edge in creating an environment to suit each client’s unique needs.

High Availability and Network Security are Primary Issues for Concordant’s Medical Practice Customers

With more than 250 devices being monitored in 100 private practice medical offices throughout eastern Massachusetts, Concordant plays a vital role as a managed service Provider in the demanding and heavily regulated electronic health records (EHR) and health information exchange (HIE) sector. Its customers, ambulatory care physicians' and specialists and their staff, require a robust framework to support their EHR systems and an exceptionally secure level of intra- and inter-organizational sharing of digital information.

After implementing electronic medical record systems, Concordant’s customers require an increased level of efficiency and usability as a result of workflow and EHR application services.

Whatsup Gold MSP Helps Concordant Partner with its Customers

The enormous size of electronic health care record keeping applications and government regulations that require data to be stored for longer periods of time make the management of disk usage a critical function. Low disk space can adversely affect the entire business, causing complaints of a “slow network” and potentially closing Web sites and terminating other critical functions. Concordant uses Whatsup Gold MSP to monitor disk space usage on its customers’ network components configure thresholds for optimal performance and to correct problems before they affect the network.

“We use WhatsUp Gold to monitor not only disk space, but also redundant power supplies and other key It infrastructure components, so we can respond to failing components before they impact the user,” said Tony Lapetina, service operations manager, Concordant, Inc.

In addition, WhatsUp Gold provides built-in reporting that demonstrates the performance of a customers' It infrastructure from a business perspective, including critical systems and the physical network. Concordant leverages Whatsup Gold’s comprehensive reporting capabilities to create reports that depict the impact their services have on their customer’s business infrastructure.

“Whatsup Gold allows us to manage our customers’ networks, but more importantly to add value to their business and It strategies,” Lapetina said. “With 24x7 monitoring of key components and functions within the customer’s infrastructure and remote support for more timely problem resolution, we are partners with our customers, not just service providers. We are as focused on keeping them efficient and productive as we would be if we were part of their practice.”

Regulatory Compliance Puts Increased Pressure on Network Monitoring

To further stress network operations, the demands of HIPAA privacy compliance and potential legal exposure add an extra layer of network management requirements, elevating the need for security and constant monitoring. It is critical for Concordant to execute problem resolution before the customer realizes there is an issue.

“Prior to implementing the Whatsup Gold MSP solution, all of our It identification and resolution was purely reactionary,” Lapetina said. “today, infrastructure issues are identified immediately and are often resolved before the customer knows the problem even existed. We are giving our customers more uptime, a better quality of service and improved productivity, all at a lower cost for Concordant,” Lapetina said.

Lapetina had been using an earlier version of WhatsUp Gold and was very familiar with its capabilities. His department had invested significant time and money into its deployment and was extremely happy with the results. When it came time to upgrade to a more feature-rich solution, he knew WhatsUp Gold MSP was the IT management system that would best meet Concordant’s needs.

Lapetina found the ease of set-up and deployment, as well as WhatsUp Gold’s user-friendly interface, two significant benefits during his initial deployment of the software. the solution also interfaces directly to Concordant’s trouble-ticket system, automatically queuing a help request and saving customers from having to call the help desk, ultimately increasing their productivity, reducing costs and significantly improving efficiency, the goals of every MSP.

Lowest Possible Cost for In-depth Network Management

Concordant is a leader in building EHR systems for a variety of healthcare clients and the company prides itself on helping its customers implement and sustain HIPAA security compliance, often a time-consuming and costly endeavor. With WhatsUp Gold, Lapetina is able to reduce the amount of service team time required to identify and resolve problems, reducing the frequency and expense of on-site service calls.

Built on a scalable architecture offering automated network discovery and network mapping, real-time network monitoring, including SNMP monitoring and WMI monitoring, and versatile alerting, notification, and reporting functionality, WhatsUp Gold provides Concordant with extensive, intelligent and easy-to-use network management with benefits the company can share with its customers.

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