Case Study

Emovis tapped Pro2col to lead the implementation of Progress® WhatsUp® Gold to monitor its 400 servers

Emovis Operations UK’s existing monitoring solution had blind spots and only provided a ping when something went down, which caused Emovis to miss collecting automated payments as services would be offline without their knowledge. By switching to Progress WhatsUp Gold, Emovis plugged gaps in visibility, began monitoring additional parts of its digital infrastructure, and now responds quicker when incidents occur thanks to the better alerting capabilities in place. Emovis has saved thousands of pounds on the software change alone.

“WhatsUp Gold has helped us to plug gaps in our monitoring visibility, respond faster to problems and saved us thousands of pounds. Before WhatsUp Gold we had a lot of recurring issues and when a service went down and we were unaware of it, automatic payments were not being processed which caused higher call volumes to our contact centre and led to missed KPIs, resulting in financial penalties.” - James Scott, Head of Infrastructure Team, Emovis Operations UK

About Emovis Operations UK

Emovis Operations UK Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Abertis which is one of the largest Toll Road concessionaires globally. They provide customer services and manage their UK-based IT systems from its offices in Leeds and Merseyside.

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