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Service Agreements

Our global service agreement provides you with the right support - at the right time.

We include a one-, two-, or three-year active service agreement with the purchase of most of our licensed products to ensure your success. We offer an Annual Renewal Program to ensure customers have uninterrupted access to support and are always on the latest software versions.

Technical support is available to Progress product owners who have an active service agreement. Service agreements are designed to help you optimize the installation and configuration of your software, resolve the occasional technical issue you may experience, and maximize the effectiveness of your Progress products.

With our global support, a service agreement provides you with the right support - at the right time. In addition to our support centers in North America, we have a full-service team in Europe that handles partner and customer interactions and inquiries in French, German, Spanish, Dutch and English.

Product Updates

Our product roadmap is customer-driven and we strive to release one major version and one minor update every year. Our product managers and technical support team are all actively engaged with, and listen to, the Progress Community and the voice of our customers. We incorporate their feature requests into major releases and requested enhancements and bug fixes into minor releases.

With an active service agreement, you get priority access to all product updates, with upgrades being free. You also have access to free and paid WhatsUp Gold training courses.

Beta Programs

Only customers with active service agreements are invited to participate in Progress beta programs. Beta programs provide early, hands-on access to the next generation of software and the opportunity to discuss issues, ask questions, interact with product managers and developers, and help shape the direction of our products.

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