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If you can remember, our recent post on Reducing IT Costs through Reduction in Lost Productivity, I’d like to introduce the next post in our best practices for IT cost reduction series. As with any network configuration, you will realize substantial gains in productivity and efficiency when the right network monitoring solution is in place. With WhatsUp Gold you can monitor physic al and virtual servers, applications, and network devices in a matter of minutes and from a single console to reduce costs.

We tend to forget the criticality of hardware well-being. And that requires monitoring performance as well as key health indicators like UPS, printers, fans, power supply, and temperature….WhatsUp Gold can do that for you!

To give you an example of how easy it is, WhatsUp Gold is used by US military forces when setting up networks and communication around the world. They require a network management framework that will let them discover, map and manage their new network in just a few minutes – personnel lives and security depend on these capabilities.

When US Army CENTCOM deployed a new network in Iraq, the working conditions were not ideal – cramped spaces, no AC, very high temperatures, wires everywhere. They relied on WhatsUp Gold to rapidly deploy and monitor their network in such a challenging situation. If WhatsUp Gold is so reliable in such adverse conditions, imagine what it can do for you in much better working conditions!

Read the US CENTCOM case study here.

More best practices on IT cost reduction on the way!

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