WhatsUp Gold Assists In Emergency Situations

A message from Ennio Carboni:

24 x 7 network access is absolutely critical to the Texas State Guard, a branch of the Texas Military Forces. Their mission is to assist local authorities during emergencies, protecting the public during hurricanes, floods and other natural or manmade disasters.

Information Officer Mark Bell explained just how critical round-the-clock network access is in a recent case study:

“By the time users realize they are unable to use e-mail or access other resources, it’s too late. You don’t want to find out from a field unit actively involved in an emergency that they aren’t able to communicate. We need to know as soon as a problem occurs so it can be addressed before it impacts our users.”

Bell had used WhatsUp Gold in his previous employment, so when he saw their network had no automated monitoring in place when he came on board about a year ago, he recommended our solution.

We’re proud to be the preferred solution to many military and government branches around the world – and we’re prouder still that so many of customers’ are life-long WhatsUp Gold users.

We’ve dedicated the last two decades to developing our product with our customers’ changing needs in mind so we’re particularly honored that our product’s reputation very often precedes it.

“WhatsUp Gold demonstrated its value immediately, and it continues to prove its worth,” says Bell. He estimates a 25% improvement just in systems availability since the installation “plus the immeasurable comfort of knowing that our systems are being ‘watched’ 24×7.”

Interested in learning how WhatsUp Gold can help you monitor your military or government environment? Watch this video, “WhatsUp Gold: Secure Network Management for Government” and/or visit the government page on our website.

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