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Podcast: WhatsUp Gold Integration with Cisco Connected TAC

In this podcast, Ipswitch's Director of Global Alliances, John McArdle, discusses a new and powerful integration within Ipswitch's network monitoring tool, WhatsUp Gold.

There’s a concept that is used in IT operations called the before-during-after concept. The idea is that approaching each phase and implementing the right tools into the IT stack, allows IT teams to operate throughout each phase seamlessly. This ultimately allows IT teams to be in front of problems before they occur and affect the end user.

That’s why Cisco has created a technology called Connected TAC.

What is Cisco Connected TAC?

Connected TAC was created to support each phase of IT operations. Essentially, Connected TAC allows customers to leverage digitized intellectual capital and expertise from Cisco, to proactively identify device issues before they become threats or problems on the network. This could be network performance, availability, or even security issues.

Just recently, Ipswitch's network monitoring solution, WhatsUp Gold added integration to Connected TAC. It’s not news that the scale, growth, and complexity of business networks are ever-increasing with all the new devices that are out there, new systems that people want to use, bring your own device (BYOD), and even shadow IT.

All of these variables combined are causing significant issues on the operational side in terms of scheduling IT engineers on which issues to fix. Additionally, these issues are increasing costs by not always focusing on the main issues affecting customer and users. This impacts customer loyalty and user trust in the IT department.

Connected TAC Integration with WhatsUp Gold

By using WhatsUp Gold in unison with Connected TAC, IT is able to leverage Cisco’s experienced team and intellectual capital by adding the Cisco Connected TAC Diagnostic Bridge that sits on top of a WhatsUp Gold Server.

WhatsUp Gold customers who have tested this integration were able increase user satisfaction by 25%. They had much fewer network downtime incidents, and they had a much better resource allocation model for their own engineering staff, and improved their own business operations.

In the most recent release of WhatsUp Gold 2018, there is completely built-in integration to Cisco's Diagnostic Bridge, which acts as the data feed to the Connected TAC Service. So, effectively, WhatsUp Gold acts as a bridge between the devices on your network and the Cisco Connected TAC service, and all that data is sent via a secure API. If you happen to have a slightly older release of WUG such as 2016 or 2017, there is a small software package that you just install in the WhatsUp Gold Server and that also offers the same connectivity.


The main requirement is to purchase the Cisco Connected TAC service offering, but a prerequisite of that, is that a customer must hold a Cisco Smart Net Total Care or equivalent support contract. In terms of the WhatsUp Gold contribution, if you aren’t using WhatsUp Gold, you would have to manually extract the network data set or develop some other utility.


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