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WhatsUp Gold Free Edition

Monitor 10 Devices Using WhatsUp Gold at No Cost & No Obligation

Monitor Your Network for Free

WhatsUp Gold Free Edition lets you take advantage of 10 devices worth of the best infrastructure monitoring solution in the industry – at no cost. When your requirements exceed 10 monitored devices, you can upgrade to a paid version instantly – and without reinstalling.

WhatsUp Gold Gives You the Power To

  • Automatically discover, map and visualize device dependencies
  • Use actionable, unified and customizable dashboards
  • Optimize network traffic and bandwidth utilization
  • Quickly find and fix network and server problems

See What NetworkChuck Loves About WhatsUp Gold

See What Network Chuck Loves About WhatsUp Gold

Find & Fix Problems Fast with WhatsUp Gold Free Edition

What’s Included in WhatsUp Gold Free Edition

Discover the most robust IT Infrastructure Monitoring tool.

Core Functionality

Use WhatsUp Gold’s award-winning features like topology mapping, alerting, reporting and wireless network monitoring for free. You can discover your whole network and monitor up to 10 devices. You can learn more about WhatsUp Gold’s Licensing on our Pricing Page.

Simple In-App Upgrades

When your needs change, seamlessly upgrade to a paid edition of WhatsUp Gold directly from within the Free Edition, without any need to reinstall.

Features in WhatsUp Gold Free Edition

  • Device & Server Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Custom Dashboards & Reporting
  • Automatic Discovery
  • Availability Monitoring
  • Wireless Network Monitoring
  • Topology Mapping
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Cloud & Storage Monitoring

What’s Not Included


WhatsUp Gold Free Edition does not include any customer or technical support. Free Edition users can take advantage of the built-in help files, product tours, online documentation and the Progress Community.

More than 10 Devices

You can use WhatsUp Gold Free Edition to monitor up to 10 devices. If you require more than 10 devices, please contact our sales team to upgrade to a paid edition of WhatsUp Gold.


Add-ons, such as Log Management and Configuration Management, are not included with WhatsUp Gold Free Edition. If you require any add-ons, please contact our sales team to upgrade to a paid edition of WhatsUp Gold.

Monitor Your Network for Free Today