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Adista Stays Ahead of Network Issues for 5,000 Client Machines Managed with Progress WhatsUp Gold

Progress WhatsUp Gold helped French MSP Adista stay ahead of service disruptions and network issues for 5,000 client machines under management Maxime Palmieri, System Plan Administrator for Adista Hosted Services needed to add more than 50 new devices from a list to be monitored on a client network. Without the credentials for these devices, he couldn’t use a discovery scan to automate the process and utilized the WhatsUp Gold REST API to create a way to avoid this process being manual (which could lead to human error). He created a single machine manually in the WhatsUp web interface, cloned it, changed the IP address and all of the configurations to match the first machine on the list, and then repeated the process for the rest of the devices on the list.

For more details on how Adista automated device additions to save time and eliminate human error, read the blog post, or check out Maxime’s winning WhatsUp Gold REST API Contest entry.

“We couldn’t do our job without WhatsUp Gold, it is essential to our business. Not only does it help us save time in supervising all the machines we manage, but we don’t have to wait until we receive an email that service has gone down to work on it.” · Maxime Palmieri, System Plan Administrator, Adista

About Adista

Adista is a provider of internet and IT managed services in France. It has grown rapidly into a turnkey provider of broadband access, IP networks, IT managed services, and IT systems integration with over 4,000 public sector and SME customers.

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