Network Management Software

Network management software is a necessity for any enterprise and its network administrators to ensure business-critical availability. In addition, with networks growing fast, the need for software that is scalable and flexible enough to adapt to the changes and needs of the network is vital.

Good network management software should entail a suite of management tools including discovery, mapping and inventory management products, configuration management tools, performance monitors, customizable alarm/threshold features and solid reporting capabilities. Without the right network management software in place, the challenge of managing the network can be daunting and end up “managing” the administrator, who is constantly being pulled in a million directions and into many different tasks. A robust, comprehensive network management suite of tools will effectively manage resources from the physical to the virtual, and be flexible enough to allow modular, add-on functionality when network resources change.

WhatsUp Gold is a powerful, proactive network management software solution, designed to easily manage networks of all sizes, from SMB to enterprise. WhatsUp Gold manages your network infrastructure 24×7 to make network administrators’ lives much easier, and give them the 360 degree visibility and actionable intelligence and control to make swift and better decisions for the company network. In addition, WhatsUp Gold network management software can be installed in just a matter of minutes and is simple and intuitive to use, right out of the box.