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What Is Network Flow Monitoring?

Just what is network flow monitoring? To put it simply, network flow monitoring is a way of looking into the actual traffic flowing across a network. Communications across a network are between two endpoints. The traffic consists of multiple layers of communications from the very basic ‘hey I need a communications channel’ at the transport […]

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Bandwidth Monitoring 101: Network Traffic Analysis Best Practices

Monitoring traffic and bandwidth usage across LAN links is an essential part of ensuring optimal network performance. What is Bandwidth Monitoring? Bandwidth monitors collect, monitor, and analyze network traffic volume by end-point (user), port, interface, and protocol (application). This information enables multiple best practices, such as: Assuring adequate bandwidth for business-critical applications. Minimizing the impact […]

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Calculating The Real Cost Of A DIY Network Monitoring Tool

It can be tempting to build your own DIY Network Monitoring solution, but what’s the real cost of building and maintaining such a tool at scale? For many start-up IT services organizations, Managed Services Providers (MSPs), and even in-house IT departments, it can be very tempting to build your own monitoring solution. This can be […]

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New Cloud Monitoring Capabilities In WhatsUp® Gold 2018

If you’re a Network Administrator in a small to medium-sized business, chances are you’ve heard about our monitoring solution, WhatsUp Gold. You may even have fond memories of using it years ago. If you’ve never heard of WhatsUp Gold, then even more reason to check out the newest version, WhatsUp Gold 2018, which is packed with […]

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Taking Network Monitoring In-House Saves Dutch Hospital $90,000 A Year

TriviumLindenhof is a Rotterdam-based healthcare organization that offers 24/7 crisis care, and to keep systems fully operational, its IT team’s network monitoring processes need to offer 24/7 network uptime. The Dutch hospital network spans 70 locations and offers outpatient services and inpatient care for more than 2,500 children and adolescents each year. Ensure 24/7 Uptime The […]


Using Slack To Complement Network Monitoring

Slack’s ability to integrate with other applications and services makes it a great choice for IT teams to support their network monitoring needs. Slack is one of those transforming applications that adds productive hours to the workday by consolidating all those team communication and collaboration channels—email, instant messaging, Skype, file sharing, even Web conferencing etc.– […]